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As editor and publisher I’ve had the good fortune to speak with some very powerful drum set voices from our city, recruiting drum set musicians for AUSTIN DRUMMER MAGAZINE (ADM). I'm attempting to de-mystify Austin's drumming voice by speaking with a broad range of players, many of whom are still active on the music scene. As the Publisher of ADM, I feel an obligation to dig out, discover, and explain the diverse rhythmic culture that has grown here in Central Texas. Please subscribe to our magazine at the bottom of the page, we would love to hear from you!

Summer 2017 Issue 5

Hello, and welcome to the fifth publication of ADM. In this issue, we are meeting up with Wayne Salzmann II Educator, studio drummer, and Eric Johnson back-beat.

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Winter/Spring Issue​ 4

Hello, and welcome to our fourth publication. In this issue we are hearing from the son of the great educator and drum book author Ralph Pace, Editor of NSMD magazine, George Lawrence, Studio musician Jerry Kalaff, Joel Rothman and Austin drummer Brian Ferguson.

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A treasure trove of information about vintage drums, custom drums and legendary drummers.

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What drum groove best describes Austin...

Cold Shot (the Texas rub shuffle) is what I always think of.

Fall Issue 3

Hello, and welcome to the third publication of ADM. 

In this issue: 

An oral history interview with Vinny Appice, Honky-tonk Drummer, The Sideways Shuffle Rhythm, Melodic Drummer Excerpt, Bonzo walk through and much more!

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Issue 2

In this issue, we meet young drummer Rom Gov who's band Seek Irony recently signed with UDR. Drummer/band leader Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts sat down with us to talk about the process of writing his new drum book publication"Survival Guide For The Modern Drummer."

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Issue 1

Welcome to our brand new publication, Austin Drummer Magazine. I've been living in Austin, Texas over half my life; it is a pretty unique city in the central part of Texas. It's had a thriving live music scene as long as I've lived here, and well before I arrived. In this issue, we visited with Texas legendary drummer Ernie Durawa, a founding member of the "Texas Tornados" and long time educator of Texas music.

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Bop Drums

Our focus is on the people of this very special community. Bop Drums proudly supports the Sims Foundation and the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) because musicians helping musicians is what makes Austin so uniquely wonderful.

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